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Humanitarian aid for Ukraine

We are a group of volunteers from Israel dedicated to providing transportation for refugees from Ukraine.

Our task is organizing evacuation buses from major cities in the Ukrainian war zone to the Polish border.

Fill out this form if you need evacuation!


people evacuated


buses arranged


tons of humanitarian
aid delivered

100% of the funds raised go to pay for the buses
We need your help!


Account details for donations :

Anna Shactman
Bank Mercantil Discount LTD
Branch 653
Account: 90790946
Albert Kiosso 5, Tel Aviv-Yafo, 6813472

For transfers in USD:
IBAN: IL66 0176 5300 0009 0806 583

For transfers in NIS:
IBAN: IL66 0176 5300 0009 0790 946

Bit: +972-54-306-8483
This number is for donations only.
To contact us, please, use the info below

We need Russian/Ukrainian speaking volunteers!


Who are you?

We are ordinary people volunteering our free time. It so happens that most of us are in Israel, but there are also people in Russia, England, the Czech Republic, Poland. That is not what’s important. What is important is that we are all humans united by one idea of helping people in Ukraine, who are in trouble through no fault of their own, to leave for a safer place.


You are Israelis, so you primarily help Jews?

No. We help people regardless of nationality, religion, gender, blood and other denominations. People in need contact us and we try to do what we can.


How many are you?

Currently we are between 20 to 30 volunteers, but our group is constantly growing.


You are not in Ukraine, so how do you help from afar?

It is true that we do not have any onsite coordinators, yet the internet and phone connection allow us to resolve problems even without being in Ukraine. In a sense this is to our advantage, as we are safe and can work around the clock.


What exactly do you do?

We organize buses that operate between the danger zones and Lviv, or Polish border, and coordinate the people who wish to get on them with the bus drivers. We individually monitor the entire process for every person and make sure that everyone who signed up on our form boarded the relevant bus and arrived at their destination.

In addition, we cooperate with humanitarian aid organizations outside Ukraine and use the evacuation buses returning from the border for delivering food, medical supplies, hygiene products and clothing to warehouses near the hot spots, where they can be distributed to those in need.


Can you guarantee people's safety?

We can not. There is a war going on and we cannot be sure of anything. All we know is that all of our previous buses have safely reached their destinations and our Ukrainian drivers are constantly monitoring the situation on the roads and are reporting back to us. We would really like to guarantee security, but unfortunately no one can do that right now.


Is it true that you charge bus fare?

No. Evacuation is free. We are a private initiative. All the money we have is our own or belongs to our friends, who decided to help. Therefore, if you wish to help and support us, please donate on our website so that we have an opportunity to organize the next bus and help evacuate more people. 100% of your donations go towards transportation fees.


Why are you not actively looking for sponsors?

We simply choose not to spend our time looking for sponsors as we are already overwhelmed with the task at hand - and so far there have been many people wishing to donate on their own. However, the money allows us to arrange for more buses and to start other helpful projects. Please check our website for more information. 

In addition, we want to remind you that we are not the only ones: there are many organizations that help in very important ways and also need money. A great thank you to them!


In the press:

A news story about our work, Israel's Channel 12, 12.3.2022

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From our evacuees: