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About Us

We are ordinary people volunteering in our free time to help those suffering from a cruel and unjust war

Who We Are

UPDATE (October 2023): Due to the situation we switched our activity to help people of Israel. The website is not fully updated, but all the funds go to help Israeli soldiers and civilians in need.

We are ordinary people volunteering in our free time. It so happens that most of us are in Israel, but there are also volunteers in Ukraine, Russia, the UK, the Czech Republic, Poland, and the USA. It's not important who we are and where we are from. What is important is that we are all humans united by one idea: helping people in Ukraine to leave for a safer place or to survive while staying.

What We Do?

We listen, analyze, decide on an action, and execute. We raise money for humanitarian projects and use our skills and connections to efficiently make things happen. Evacuation, medical evacuation, financial help, food and medicine purchase and delivery, water purification, heating systems for the coming winter, portable power stations, shelters, mobile homes, you name it. You can read more about our existing projects in the "Projects" section of the website.

Who pays for all this?

Good people do. We raise money using crowdfunding, merchandise sales, and collaborations with other funds. If you want to help, talk to us or just donate directly using the "Donate" button.

How many are you?

Currently we are between 20 to 30 volunteers, but our group is constantly growing. Also, we are surrounded by a larger group of volunteers who join from time to time to help us with specific projects and tasks.

What exactly do you do?

We are involved in a variety of humanitarian aid projects (you are most welcome to read about our main initiatives in the "Projects" section of this website). Our main activity is people evacuation from (or near) war zones to safer regions, but we do not stop there. We buy food and medicine for people who can't leave, develop and produce home heaters, invest in clean water, and more. We are a young and dynamic organization trying to be as versatile as possible and direct our efforts, time, and money to a cause which we prioritize.

Do you charge bus fare?

No. Evacuation is free. We are a private non-profit initiative. All the money we have is our own or that of our friends who decided to help.


Therefore, if you wish to help and support us, please donate on our website so that we have an opportunity to organize the next bus and help evacuate more people. 100% of your donations go towards transportation fees.

You are Israelis. So you primarily help Jews?

No. We help people regardless of nationality, religion, gender, or ethnicity. People in need contact us and we try to do what we can.

You are not in Ukraine, so how do you help from afar?

It is true that we do not have any onsite coordinators, yet the internet and phone connection allow us to resolve problems even without being in Ukraine. In a sense, this is to our advantage as we are safe and can work around the clock. Also, by now we have a reliable network of volunteers in Ukraine who collaborate daily with us.

Can you guarantee people's safety?

We cannot. There is a war going on, and we cannot be sure of anything. All we know is that all of our previous buses have safely reached their destinations, and our Ukrainian drivers are constantly monitoring the situation on the roads and reporting back to us.

Why are you not actively looking for sponsors?

We are in fact, but this is not where we invest most of our time and effort. We position ourselves as an extremely efficient and "thin" organization. We don't have office expenses or salaries. All the money we raise goes directly where it should go.

We are, of course, not the only ones who need money. There are many organizations that help in very important ways. If you decide to donate to them instead, this is an excellent decision we are also thankful for.

Our Team

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