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Оur activity as covered by press and television

Israel's Channel 12


We are a group of volunteers from Israel providing transportation for refugees from Ukraine.

Israel's N12


קבוצה של כמה יוצאי רוסיה הקימו חמ"ל בתל אביב, שם הם אוספים תרומות ומוציאים אוטובוסים מלב המלחמה באוקראינה אל הגבול הבטוח


Израильская общественная организация Israel4Ukraine с начала войны в Украине занимается эвакуацией жителей городов, находящихся под обстрелами российской армии.

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Helping People. Saving Lives.

We are ordinary people volunteering in our free time. It so happens that most of us are in Israel, but there are also volunteers in Ukraine, Russia, the UK, the Czech Republic, Poland, and the USA. It's not important who we are and where we are from. What is important is that we are all humans united by one idea: helping people in Ukraine to leave for a safer place or to survive while staying.

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