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Clean Water

Developing, producing, and distributing efficient water filtering systems in regions with a damaged drinking water supply


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Clean drinking water is the most essential resource for human beings. As a result of the war, many water supply pipelines and systems have been heavily damaged and, in some areas, large populations have had their drinking water cut off. In some areas, technical "gray" water has been pushed into the city water system as a temporary solution. People have been forced to switch to bottled water, which is both expensive and scarce in shops. Finally, worse, in some areas in the south, cholera has been detected.


Being a desert country, Israel has a long history of solving water problems. Today there is no water problem in Israel. Most of the tap water is desalinated seawater converted into completely safe drinking water. Israel4Ukraine decided to leverage some of Israel's expertise and technology to help Ukraine’s people get access to drinking water.


We partnered with a veteran Israeli company specializing in affordable, large-scale water filtering systems and plan on deploying several in Ukraine. The project is a complex one both financially and logistically and is still in the development phase. If you come from a water or related industry and would like to be involved, please reach out to us for potential collaboration.

Helping People. Saving Lives.

We are ordinary people volunteering in our free time. It so happens that most of us are in Israel, but there are also volunteers in Ukraine, Russia, the UK, the Czech Republic, Poland, and the USA. It's not important who we are and where we are from. What is important is that we are all humans united by one idea: helping people in Ukraine to leave for a safer place or to survive while staying.

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