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Evacuation by Train

Financial help for people who are leaving the war zone by train


train tickets purchased

Following months of public transportation shutdown in Ukraine, things slowly got back to normal. Specifically, trains are running across the country, offering efficient evacuation options. Moreover, a well-planned train ticket is cheaper than a seat in our evacuation buses Therefore we decided to shift focus and help people leave by train. We take them to safety by simply paying for the train tickets.

All the work is undertaken by Israel4Ukraine volunteers remotely. We get requests, interview people, purchase the cheapest tickets, and keep in touch with them until they are safe.

The cost of a train ticket to the most requested destinations varies from $10 to $30.

We are currently working with a Zaporizhzhia refugee center, and the feedback has been very positive. There is a desperate need for timely evacuation, so we would appreciate any donations to be able to buy more tickets. We provide detailed per-person documentation of the entire process to our sponsors and are as transparent as we can be.

Also, we need volunteers to assist in the ticket purchase process. Finally, any smart ideas on how this process can be further automated are highly appreciated. Talk with us. We are here to help.

Train Tickets Request

We offer financial help to people who struggle to purchase train tickets to escape the war zone for a safer place within Ukraine or abroad. If you are looking for train evacuation, please complete the form, and our volunteer will get back to you.

*As of May 2023, the project has been suspended due to financial difficulties. We will resume operation when it is once again possible.

Our Evacuees

Helping People. Saving Lives.

We are ordinary people volunteering in our free time. It so happens that most of us are in Israel, but there are also volunteers in Ukraine, Russia, the UK, the Czech Republic, Poland, and the USA. It's not important who we are and where we are from. What is important is that we are all humans united by one idea: helping people in Ukraine to leave for a safer place or to survive while staying.

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